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Pretty Cute Creations by Pat & Judi
Accomplished & Time-Proven Knitting & Crocheting Artisans

Learn more about Pat Bender & Judi Zadra of Pretty Cute Creations (click here)


Pretty Cute Creations by Pat and Judi is a collaboration of two sisters that enjoy making quality handmade knitted & crocheted items, such as toys, sweaters, hats, booties for little ones, and seasonal items.

Both were raised on a family farm in Middleton, WI. Pat is the 4th oldest, and Judi is the youngest of 10 kids. They had an amazing mother who taught them crafting at a young age. 

  • Reflections From Pat: 
    I have enjoyed making many different things over the years. When in grade school, I made doll clothes for my friends, and crocheted dresses for my daughter when she was a toddler. I really enjoy making crocheted animals, and love to see the excitement in childrens eyes when they see them. 

  • Insights From Judi:
    I have been knitting since the age of seven. For many years, I have taught knitting classes for both beginners and experienced knitters. I enjoy being able to create usable products. Online, we sell baby items and toys but are available to make other items as requested. 
Pat & Judi also will do custom crocheted and knitted orders! For example: 
  • Stuffed Animals of all kinds, including different sizes, shapes, & colors
  • Sweaters for men, women, children, and infants
  • Baby items, including hats, booties, blankets


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Baby Booties


Baby Giraffe Crochet Stuffed Animal (handmade)


Bear with Innertube


Beginning CROCHETING Live Workshop


Beginning KNITTING Live Workshop


Boy and Girl Kitties (with Clothes) Stuffed Animals - Hand-Crocheted


Cabled Baby Hats