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About the Market on Blackhawk

We're a Small Store in a Small Town with a lot of Spirit, Drive, & Fun

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We have a Unique Business Model...that just works

Our establishment started back in November, 2021 by a few pioneering people as a “pop-up store”, which is a neat way to bring local vendors & artisans together in a meaningful & productive way...especially after a pandemic.  

The result was pretty successful for the participating vendors, and the experience ended up creating a unique collaborative and fun shopping time for customers.
Vendors & artisans help staff our store, so feel free to ask us to show you our products.  We absolutely welcome the opportunity.

Today, Kingdom Works Incorporation & the Family Farm Pantry have stepped up to partner with our store’s many fun & talented local Vendors and Artisans to, well, keep a good thing going. 

Summarizing, we strive to work together knowing that we all stand to benefit through collaboration, the sharing of expenses and resources, and ultimately benefitting our customers with a wide and growing array of unique products and foods that you cannot find anywhere else.

We are ‘local proud’.  We are the Market on Blackhawk.

A Store with a lot of...well, Everything!

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Our Market on Blackhawk Vendors
The Market on Blackhawk is actually comprised of the efforts of nearly 20 local artisans and vendors.  At this time, these artisans and vendors are the backbone of our store.  Many help behind the checkout counter, and everyone sticks quality time into creating some of the most unique handmade and hand rep-purposed items around.

None of the items in our store (outside of bottled water, pops, and ice cream treats) are created or repurposed on an assembly line in some obscure factory.  Nearly every item has its own story.

Each vendor sets their own pricing, and many of them are available for custom jobs.  In fact, check out our Vendor Custom Orders page for more details.

We stand behind everything that we sell.  We are a small group of people with a lot of spirit.

The Truths About...


We believe in local

Literally most of our products are local to the Prairie du Chien, WI area

We work as a group

We work together & share operating costs to bring you quality handmade products.  Most of us work in our retail store

We are small, with big aspirations

Every business starts at the proverbial beginning.  Our big picture is to not to stay this way.

We provide

We create, we re-purpose, and we offer because we want to.