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Joni Welda Photography...

Joni Welda Photography...

Joni was born and raised in Winona along the Mississippi River, loving anything related to the Driftless area.  As a child, she always came home with a stray snake, lonely frog, or injured bird and always had a pair of binoculars or a camera around her neck.

Today, as a Minnesota Master Naturalist and retired violinist, she has developed an intimate relationship with the natural world around her with its wonder, emotion, music, textures, aromas, and vibrant colors.  Her camera and lens have become the instrument that leads her out into nature and nurtures her creativity and passion.  She aims to bring these emotions to life for her viewers through her fine art and nature photography.
She is inspired daily with almost childlike wonder by the beauty of plants and animals surrounding her along the Mississippi River.  Photography allows her to see into the depths of the souls of all that she encounters and ultimately bring that life into her images.