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About the Family Farm Pantry

--  For a Little Slice of Wisconsin  --

Amish Goodness

We have chosen a business model where we partner with many small Wisconsin farms to make superb pantry-related products, with the vast majority of farms that are owned & operated by hard-working Amish families. 

We believe in ‘family’, as the ‘Pantry is that way. Believe us, these folks know how to make quality, all-natural foods.

We feel strongly that today’s small family farms play an integral role in our world today. Many items that you currently have in your house are the result of the incredible efforts unsung heroes who work tirelessly in their fields to grow food for a hungry world. When you really take the time to look, you will discover the passion and drive that really drives America’s heartland.
  • The Family Farm Pantry offers a growing assortment of Amish-made food products from small farms right here in Wisconsin. These hard-working, talented small farmers produce the many organically-grown products that we sell, including many jams, honey, syrup, pickles, salsa, noodles, pancake mixes, cake mixes, cookie mixes, granolas, candy, and so much more. 

  • Our products are the result of generations of cooking and canning skills passed down from mothers to daughters, and Amish homes where wood stoves and the love of family fills the kitchens with wonderful aromas and the tastiest of treats.

As we grow, our business model is designed to be a pretty special one in that 100% of the after-tax profits of our all-natural foods will be given directly to charity.  Yes, you've read that correctly.
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