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Things That Garnish
Beautiful Doodle Art, Fluid Art, and Home Decor

Learn more about gaylemarie and Tina of Things That Garnish (click here)


  • Things that Garnish is a mother-and-daughter business continuing three generations of creativity.

  • What they create is eclectic home decor.

    Gaylemarie wants people to understand that her creations extend beyond just beautifully unique pieces made from Mississippi River driftwood, carved by water and nature. Her artistic repertoire also encompasses intricate Zendoodle notecards. These cards range from scenic illustrations that transport you to tranquil landscapes to complex abstract designs that ignite the imagination. Each piece, whether driftwood or notecard, carries the signature of Gaylemarie's creativity, and each is a testament to her ability to transform simple elements into extraordinary art.

    Tina, inspired by the hues and fluidity of paint, creates each unique canvas as an invitation into a colorful, imaginative realm - a journey open to interpretation and uniquely experienced by each individual observer."


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"Adorable April" Original Photography 16" x 20" Canvas Print by Julie Check


"Alice & Vinny"- Original Photography Print


"Always by Your Side", Original Photography Print Blufftop Farm Photography


"Baby Buff", Original Photography Print from Julie Check of Blufftop Farm Photography


"Galloway Glow", Original Photography


"Highland Gaze", Original Photography Print


"Jasmine" Original Framed Print from Blufftop Farm Photography, Julie Check


"Ms. Myrtle", Original Photography Print from Julie Check of Blufftop Farm Photography