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Remnants of French Prairie du Chien by Mary Elise Antoine

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Discover the hidden gems and rich French-Canadian heritage of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, with Mary Elise Antoine's invaluable guidebook, Remnants of French Prairie du Chien. This spiral-bound treasure trove of historical knowledge and insight is the perfect companion for anyone looking to explore and appreciate the unique charm of this enchanting community.
Remnants makes it easy to flip through and reference as you venture through the town. Within its pages, you'll uncover the fascinating history of Prairie du Chien's French-Canadian roots and how this rich cultural tapestry has shaped the community over the centuries.
As you journey through Prairie du Chien, this comprehensive guide will lead you to must-see historical sites, landmarks, and local attractions, ensuring you don't miss a single opportunity to immerse yourself in the town's captivating past. Mary Elise Antoine's expert knowledge and passion for the subject are evident throughout the book, making it an engaging and informative resource for history buffs and curious travelers alike.
Remnants of French Prairie du Chien is further enhanced by a stunning collection of historical photographs, capturing the beauty and essence of Prairie du Chien's storied past. These evocative images provide a visual journey through time, allowing readers to witness the evolution of this remarkable town and its French-Canadian heritage.
Don't embark on your Prairie du Chien adventure without this essential guidebook! Snag a copy of "Remnants of French Prairie du Chien" today and experience the rich history, stunning sights, and enduring charm of this captivating Wisconsin community.

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DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) 11 x 9 x 1/2 inches
MATERIALS (MADE OF) Paper, cardstock, plastic