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Elephant Stuffed Animals - Boy and Girl

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Discover the enchanting world of Pretty Cute Creations by Pat & Judi with our delightful Boy & Girl Elephant Stuffed Animals.

These adorable elephant companions are not just toys; they're cuddly friends who bring joy and whimsy to your life.

The girl elephant is adorned in a charming pink dress with purple leggings and a dainty rosebud on her head. Meanwhile, the boy elephant sports a vibrant yellow and blue striped shirt paired with baby blue pants, exuding a playful and cheerful look.

Each elephant is meticulously handcrafted with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that these stuffed animals are both huggable and enduring. Whether gifting them to a loved one or adding them to your collection, these Boy & Girl Elephant Stuffed Animals will surely bring smiles and happiness to your day.

Explore our collection today and invite these whimsical friends into your world!

Extra Information

CARE INSTRUCTIONS-IF NEEDED Hand Wash or use a Gentle Cycle
DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) Select an item to see dimension information
MATERIALS (MADE OF) Acrylic Yarn, poly stuffing
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